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KSCLS Winter Safari

More than forty health care professionals found themselves at the beautiful Finnup Center at Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City on February 7th. The vast majority of those in attendance were laboratory professionals; however, physicians, hospital administrators and nursing personnel were also present. St. Catherine Hospital and the KSCLS formed a unique partnership providing continuing nursing education contact hours for nurses and PACE credits for laboratory professionals.

Speakers for the all day event were from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and St. Catherine Hospital. Bioterrorism preparedness was the central theme for the seminar. Susan Morris MS, MT (ASCP) described the three phases of the Smallpox Vaccination Plan which included the rationale for selection of personnel for a smallpox response team and the overall goals of KDHEís Phase 1 smallpox vaccination plan. The Hospital Bioterrorism Plan was also presented by Susan. She identified hospital resources, described the items required and discussed the financing mechanisms used as a part of the hospital bioterrorism plan. Sue Riley, CLS, (NCA) discussed the laboratories role in the bioterrorism plan, this included specimen requirements for analysis and shipment of specimens. Ruby Brower, MS, MT (ASCP) and Constance Fitz, MS, MT (ASCP) lectured in tag team fashion, their topic, CLIA; Waived and Moderate Testing. Their portion of the program was fantastic for physician office labs. They discussed the current CLIA survey process, reviewed the standards for good laboratory practice and discussed the future of waived testing. St. Catherine Hospitalís

Jessica Dirks, MT (ASCP), Client Sales Representative, identified the different types of laboratory customers, defined customer service as applied to the laboratory, and discussed the process regarding customer service problem identification.

As the day drew to a close, all in attendance had been given a wealth of information to digest. The informational seminar provided a wonderful day of networking for fellow health care professionals and we thank the KSCLS for making continuing education a top priority.

We would like to thank Western Pathology (Dr. Eva Vachal and Dr. Bruce Melin) for providing beverages and snacks for the breaks. Thanks to all those who took time out of their busy schedule to attend. A special thanks to Susan Morris, Sue Riley, Ruby Brown, Constance Fitz and Jessica Dirks for sharing their time and talent with us.

Prize Winners at the Annual Meeting

There were plenty of winners at the annual meeting held in Hutchinson. Weber Palmer Macy awarded American flags to Sandy Roth from Central Kansas Family Practice in Great Bend and to Eileen Dickerson from the Hutchinson Clinic. Carol Nix won $50 from Labcorp. Winners of the Fisher Health Care Jelly Bean Count were Shafiq Hasan, Abilene Memorial Hospital (Palm Zyre) and Dr. Becky Horvat (wine set). Sami Werner from Rooks County Health Center won a gift basket donated by AMS. Polymedcoís gift basket was won by Cindy Hackney from Comanche County Hospital. Gerry Unrein was the winner of a Spacemaker Radio/CD player from Quest Diagnostics, and a bag chair and table set from Cardinal Health Care. Barton County student Lindsey Lustick was the winner of Peterson Clinical Laboratory Gift Basket.

The Childrenís Miracle Network Raffle raised $305 which will be donated to Via Christi Regional Medical Center. Door prize winners included Gabriel Ramirez from Southwest Medical Center, who won the Palm Zyre (donated by Dade and Central Plains Laboratory); Nancy Smith from Physicians Reference Lab won the karaoke machine (donated by KSCLS); Emilie Manning a KUMC student, won the cordless phone (donated by Dade and Central Plains Laboratory); and Leonard Bunselmeyer from Barton County Community College won the gift box (donated by Remel).




2002 Recipient: Celeste DeTiege

Celeste is an African-American born in New Orleans, LA, but grew up in Kansas. She graduated from Manhattan High School and earned a BS degree in Biology from Emporia State University. She was on the track team while attending ESU (400m, 400 hurdles and relay) and was a two time All-American in that sport. She is now a student at Wichita State University in the Department of Medical Technology. Celeste is a member of the Student Leadership Council and has served three semesters as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Medical Technology Student Association. She works part-time at AMS Reference Laboratory as a phlebotomist/processor and a Student Laboratory Assistant for the department. She also helps out with a histology project for a faculty member in Physical Therapy. Celeste enjoys the outdoors and outdoor activities with her dog Buddy.


Presidentís Report 2002-2003

KSCLS held three educational meetings, A Summer Symposium, A Winter Safari and the Annual Conference, "Being Prepared, A Team Approach". Each event was successful in providing educational opportunities, fun and networking. The board meetings were held following or during each event. The events provided opportunities for approximately 300 participants at 60 educational sessions over the year. PACE credit was awarded for all sessions and Nursing CEUs were awarded for the Symposium and Safari. In addition to being a great way to meet other professionals each event was a way to generate not only good will but financial gain as well.

In November KSCLS held a leadership retreat to get acquainted and to kick off the annual meeting planning. A fun time was had by all. The annual conference planning was started at the retreat and continued during several conference calls. KSCLS determined that with the busy schedules of our membership, calls would be the most efficient way to get together for planning and updates and monthly calls kept us on task and motivated

During the Annual Conference, Certificates of Appreciation were presented by the president to the members of the board, the conference planning committee, and to the recipients of awards. Arrangements were made for tee shirts to be printed with the conference logo, designed by Ruby Brower and her son, Doug Brower. Shirts were worn by all the conference committee members. Lab Week merchandise was purchased for sale and promotion in the KSCLS booth and PAC information and materials were there for distribution. We had a tremendous student turnout. Each year KSCLS presents and outstanding Student Award to a new professional from each of the four programs in Kansas. Scholarships are presented to students to assist in the cost of books. This year those awards were given during an all conference gathering in order to recognize the student in front of their peers. A wonderful, hilarious social with a Game Show Road Show was arranged by Ruby Brower and Carl Caton. Word of the fun has spread far and wide. Exhibitors took a very active part in all the festivities, had a great time, and told their customers across Kansas and the states in their territories. The KSCLS Annual Meeting was successful financially, educationally and socially.

KSCLS has attracted some new members this year. The lapsed member list was dramatically cut by direct contact of lapsed members by current members and an explanation of the on line renewal process. The Kansas Society will send a full delegation to Philadelphia for the National Meeting this July. There are new officers who have come forward to participate in leadership activities and the planning is completed for our next symposium. It was a great year. We will look back on the knowledge gained, the small legislative battles won, and the new friends made.

Annual Meeting Report (logo by Doug & Ruby Brower)

Officers elected for 2003-04 include:

President-Elect: Vickie Stein

Secretary: Ruby Brower

3 year Board Member: Jessica Dirks

2 year Board Member: Patricia Hargrave

District Representatives:

Northeast: Denise Klimek

Southeast: Timothy Slansky

Southwest: Mike Burkhart

Northwest: Kristi Ocker

The following individuals will be representing KSCLS at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Clinical Science in Philadelphia the end of July: Linda Hickok, Vickie Stein, Ruby Brower, JoLynne Campbell, Carol Shearer, and Kristi Ocker.

Applications were received from 30 students for the KSCLS Scholarships. The winner of the $500 Katherine B. Forest scholarship is Deborah Page, Wichita State University. Ryan Garrison and Jennifer Old of the University of Kansas were named winners of $250 book scholarships. Outstanding Student awards from each of the laboratory science programs in the state were:

Brandie Coulter, Seward County Community College; Brenda Garrison, Barton County Community College; Tracy Spaeth, University of Kansas Medical Center; and Carrie Faraq, Wichita State University.

The following KSCLS members received Omicron Sigma recognition for their contributions to the Society on the state, regional and/or national level:

Sue Riley Patricia Hargrave

Linda Hickok Vickie Stein

Carol Shearer Beckie Hetrick

Ruby Brower Kim McDiffett

JoLynne Campbell Kirk Cates

The 2004 Annual Meeting of the Kansas Society for Clinical Laboratory Science will be held Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, April 28-30, 2004, at the Holiday Inn Holidome in Manhattan. Program suggestions and/or assistance are welcome. Please contact Ruby Brower (ruby@interkan.net) if you are interested in being the conference chair or being a part of the planning committee.


The World Wide WOW!

If you havenít check out the ASCLS Website lately, you are in for a treat. The site has had a major overhaul, making it much more user friendly. In fact, any member can get onto the website and update their membership information. All you need to get started is your membership number and your email address. Renewal for membership may be done online. If you have internet access, be sure to verify that your personal information is correct so KSCLS can get in touch with you.

Speaking of new and updated websites, be sure to check out the new KSCLS website http://kscls.manhattanks.org. The KSCLS Board arranged to have Cottage Consulting and Web Design develop a new web site for KSCLS. The board hopes that our website will be updated in a more timely manner, and we will be able to post information about our educational symposiums and meetings on the site. We will also post the newsletter on the website.

Notify Jessica Dirks of any changes in your mailing or e-mail address. To save costs, if you chose to receive your information from the web site, we would appreciate you letting Jessica know. We will remove you from the mailing list.

Coming Fall 2003 Ė SCCC MLT Online

Beginning Fall 2003, the Medical Laboratory Technician Program (MLT) at Seward County Community College (SCCC), Liberal, Kansas will be available online. The SCCC Board of Trustees has recognized the success of the online format for the MLT program at Barton County Community College, Great Bend, Kansas and has agreed to allow implementation of an online option at SCCC. The SCCC MLT program will utilize a web-authoring platform known as WebCT to provide course material to students online. Students will need to secure an exam proctor to complete their written exams and a cooperative laboratory clinical instructor to perform weekly laboratory activities. Students will be required to attend face-to-face sessions one Friday per month on the campus of SCCC.

The first MLT course to be offered online was the Introduction to Medical Technology course for

the Fall 2002 semester. Dr. Cindy Handley developed the online format and conducted the monthly student laboratory activities on campus. Suzanne Campbell adapted the Basic Immunology course to the online format for the Spring 2003 semester. This is a lecture-only course so students will only be required to come to campus to take their final examination.

The first year courses for the SCCC MLT program include all of the general education course requirements, Introduction to Medical Technology and Basic Immunology. The general education course requirements may be completed at the studentís local campus and then transferred to SCCC. Online general education courses are also available through EduKan (www.edukan.org). The Introduction to Medical Technology and Basic Immunology will continue to be offered online. There is no program admission requirement in order to complete these courses. However, it is suggested that interested students work closely with the MLT faculty at SCCC to ensure appropriate, transferable course work.

Students must complete an application process for admission to the MLT program in order to enroll in second year courses. Applications for admission become available each year on December 1. Applications are accepted until the maximum number of students is admitted or classes begin in August. Admission criteria include an overall grade point average of 2.5 or higher, three positive letters of recommendation, and a positive interview with a MLT faculty member. Admission recommendations are presented to the Allied Health Admission Committee. Applicants are then notified of the committeeís decision.

The second year MLT courses will be available online for each respective semester. Courses available for the Fall 2003 semester include: Pathogenic Microbiology, Body Fluids, and Hematology/Coagulation lectures and labs. Courses available for the Spring 2004 semester include: Blood Bank/Serology and Clinical Chemistry lectures and labs. Once students have satisfactorily completed these identified courses, they must complete the Advanced Clinical Practicum course. This final course consists of a 480-hour clinical rotation through all of the major departments of a clinical laboratory.

Students complete with an associate of applied science degree. Graduates of the MLT program at SCCC demonstrate a 100% employment placement rate with most graduates securing employment prior to completion of the program. The national certification exam pass rate for graduates of this program is higher than the national average. Graduate and employer follow-ups indicate above average satisfaction in their education and employment performance, respectively.

For additional information regarding the online MLT program at SCCC, please visit www.sccc.edu, and contact Suzanne Campbell at 1-800-373-9951 or scampbel@sccc.edu.

Summer Symposium

Over forty-five health care professionals attended a one day symposium at the Penn campus of Salina Regional Medical Center on Friday, August 23, 2002. The majority of attendees were allied health professionals from area health departments and physician office laboratories.

Dr. William Cathcart-Rake gave an interesting presentation on the effects of chemotherapy on laboratory tests. Ruby Brower, Connie Fitz and Kirk Cates educated the attendees on the topic of dots, spots, stripes and triangles: interpreting test kits and deciphering if they are moderate or waived. In anticipation of the September implementation of computerized specimen receipt, Sue Riley reviewed the new KDHEL Universal Requisitions for the state laboratory. After lunch, Mary Conrad presented her usual fact-filled program about basic urinalysis. Sue Riley discussed Bioterrorism at the grassroots. Connie Fitz and Ruby Brower presented an overview of CMSís inspections of the waived laboratories, providing helpful tips for waived facilities that have never been involved in the inspection process.

We would like to thank Drs. Weber, Palmer and Macy for sponsoring our symposium. A special thanks to Kirk Cates for all his hard work in putting the program together, providing a space for the symposium, and providing yummy homemade cookies for our breaks.


Ode to Urinalysis

What is yoní fragrance in the air?

ĎTis urine, urine everywhere.

Those little bottles in a row

Their precious contents just for show.

Some a lovely amber shade

Others more like lemonade

Still each yields that smell renowned

Be it pale or golden brown.

In the centrifuge to spin it,

Can you find the sugar in it?

Mix it, pour it, splash it, slop it,

Stir it, Shake it, spill it, mop it.

Inhale the smell as you pipet it,

How can anyone forget it?

Count the white cells and the red,

Good Lord! This patient must be dead.

Test for proteins and for bile,

Donít fret, just hold your nose and smile.

For after all is said and done,

Isnít urinalysis fun??


Calendar of Events 2003

July 23-26 ASCLS Annual Meeting Philadelphia, PA

August 22 KSCLS Educational Symposium Manhattan, KS

August 23 KSCLS Board/Leadership Meeting Manhattan, KS

October 28-30 ASCP Workshops for Laboratory Professionals Kansas City, MO

Calendar of Events 2004

February 26-28 Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference Milwaukee, WI

July 27-31 ASCLS Annual Meeting Los Angeles, CA

April 28-30 KSCLS Annual Meeting Manhattan, KS



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